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Office Hours: Variable Fonts in Figma

We’re excited to now support variable fonts in Figma, join us as designer advocate Clara, product designer Amanda Yeh, and engineer Qi Linzhi walk through how to get started and tap into more font styles.

From optical sizing to slant, learn how variable font axes give you more design control and expression. As always we’ll leave time for questions and send all registrants the recording and resources after the stream.


Inside the Minds: Design Ops - Unnecessary function or fundamental to success?

Stefanus Sunarja, Design Ops lead at N26, walks us through his perspective on what design ops is, why it is a fundamental part of design success and how we can better understand the function.

We’ll be discussing:

- The challenges Design Operations teams face in the industry today

- How the Design Operations future might look and how we can get there

- How you or your organization can get started with DesignOps


Office Hours: Component Properties

We’re excited to talk about yet another awesome new feature: Component properties. Join us as Designer Advocate Chad Bergman, Product Manager Jacob Miller, and Engineer Naomi Jung share how you can reduce variant explosion and use component properties to improve experiences for both design system maintainers and consumers.

We know design systems can get complicated fast, we’re here to help show you how less is more. We’ll leave time to address your questions and send all registrants the recording and resources after the stream.


How we Jam: Team rituals for better design jams

Join to hear from the team at Coda and learn about their regular “design jams.” In this talk, Helena, Alicia, and Steve will share stories of using jams for everything from team building, to brainstorming without restraints, and even gathering input from the full company. The team will explore the advantages and processes for their jams and will share plug-and-play templates to use at your own company.


In the File: Designing for autonomous vehicles

The promise of self-driving cars is a future that’s safer and more accessible for all. However, developing self-driving cars is one of today’s most technically complex challenges. Over the past few years, the team at Applied Intuition has designed a suite of tools that help make the autonomy development process faster, safer, and easier. Tune in and learn how designers at Applied Intuition balance the inherent complexity of the AV development process with simple UX solutions that span both 2D and 3D spaces.


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