Team meetings
Don't meet, jam

Every team has their traditions and rituals. They keep you aligned and up-to-date, but they also keep you close. FigJam is an online whiteboard where teams meet, think, and play.

Good things happen when teams talk

With FigJam, everyone has a voice. Whether it is through sticky notes, audio calls, reactions, or high-fives—everyone can contribute in their own way.

Express yourself

Show them how you feel with quick emotes and cursor chat.

Communicate with ease

FigJam is simple to use, so anyone can jump in and contribute.

Engage everyone

Encourage active participation with dot voting and polls.

Dwell case study
Capture the creativity of your entire company

The more the merrier

When anyone at Dwell needs to leverage the larger thinking power of everyone at the company, they start a swarm in FigJam.

Brainstorm, together

Swarms are used to gain buy-in on a company metric and get people thinking tactically about how they can contribute to it at every level.

Source new ideas

The open canvas makes it easy for the editorial team to spin up swarms to collect new content ideas.
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FigJam is a delight to use. I was astonished by how quickly it was adopted by everyone and every department at Dwell, especially my non-technical and non-product teams.
Zach Klein, CEO

Square case study
Make employee onboarding interactive

Engage new hires

Going beyond standard onboarding meetings, each new teammate gets a FigJam file with a custom onboarding flow. The files consist of a series of interactive onboarding tasks.

Get the lingo down

Throughout the onboarding experience, vocabulary alerts and acronym call-outs noted with yellow boxes teach new hires how language is used within the product.

Stay organized

Each section has a designated space to drop sticky notes with your thoughts and questions for your manager—keeping everything tidy and in one place.
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The simplicity of FigJam makes easy for anyone to jump right in and start participating in the file, no matter their experience.
Matt Kursmark, Sr. Product Designer