This month, we’re focused on empowering teams to jam better together. Whether it’s a productive brainstorm or a well-run retro, these new features will help add more structure and personalization to your FigJam files, and bring your brightest ideas to life.

Structure and customize your jams

From workshops to weekly team get-togethers, we want teams to be able to make FigJam their own. Now, you have even more flexibility, building on top of the updated stamps, stickies, and font sizes we launched in February.

A FigJam file showing two separate green boxes, indicating different sections.
Sections in FigJam

Now, you can:

Bring more joy to your jams

We’re making cursor chat more expressive, adding new sticker packs from popular artists, and bringing back one of your favorite April Fun Day features.

Washi tape, now a permanent FigJam feature

Washi tape is back, with dozens of newly designed tape options and the ability to upload your own patterns.

We're excited to bring four new sticker packs to FigJam, designed by members of the Figma Community. Shout out to Jiro Bevis, Diana Marmol, Rooney, and Fanny Luor for the incredible work!

Four stickers: 1) Says "stellar work" and has a sun with sunglasses; 2) says "slay" with four stars; 3) says "let's jam" with a creature playing drums; 4) has someone with sunglasses
New stickers in FigJam

More ways to express yourself with cursor chat

Cursor chat is getting more emotive. Now, when you type certain words, expressions, or use a bunch of exclamation points, your cursor will come alive for a few moments.

Four cursor chats: 1) Says "slick"; 2) says "Happy birthday" with an image of a present; 3) says "omg!!"; 4) says "Fireeee" with image of fire
Expressive cursor chats in FigJam

Stay in the flow with new Figma integrations

Access Figma files directly in Notion

With Notion’s new link previews, you can now more easily share Figma and FigJam files within Notion pages—no additional authentication required.

A screenshot of a Notion doc
Figma link preview in Notion

Go from design to app with AWS Amplify Studio

AWS Amplify Studio is a visual interface that developers can use to turn Figma design components into feature-rich, full-stack React apps faster–with no cloud or AWS expertise required.

Figma design module on the left, and React code on the right
Figma to React with AWS Amplify Studio

Check out our API documentation to get started with your own integrations.

For even more detailed improvements, make sure to check out the release notes. Plus, we’ll be sharing many more new features at Config, our annual conference. Learn more and register here.