Alia Fite |
Jamming on FigJam: a journey from beta to GA
A conversation with Product Manager Emily Lin on how we took FigJam from inception to ship.
Marcin Wichary |
Little Big Updates: dispatches from Quality Week
Stories about seemingly-small bugs, and the art of distinguishing the little details from the little-big ones.
Emily Jia |
From experiment to launch: how data shaped a new comments experience
Data Scientist Emily Jia on how we tested, iterated, and rolled out updates to comments in Figma
Jillian Smith |
From candidate interviews to developer crits: how Figma engineering uses FigJam to scale
We sit down with Figma’s engineering team to hear about how they break down complex problems, work through feedback together, and maintain close connections in a hybrid workplace.
Rudi Chen, Slava Kim |
GraphQL, meet LiveGraph: a real-time data system at scale
Software Engineers Rudi Chen and Slava Kim shares an inside look at how we empower engineers to build real-time data views, while abstracting the complexity of pushing data back and forth.
Hongyi Hu |
Inside Figma: getting out of the (secure) shell
Security Engineer Hongyi Hu explains how the Figma security team built a simple solution for zero-trust shell access on AWS.
Beez Africa |
Inside Figma: a Q&A with our 2021 interns and new grads
Beez Africa sits down with four interns and new grad Figmates to hear their advice, learnings, and reflections on joining Figma.
Max Burkhardt |
Inside Figma: securing internal web apps
The Figma security team built out a system to securely provide access to internal applications. Security Engineer Max Burkhardt shares how we built the system, what we learned, and how this fits into our broader approach to security at Figma.
Beez Africa |
How the Figma PM team builds products and processes
A behind-the-scenes look at how the Figma PM team brainstorms, builds, and reflects, and what it means to open their process up to cross-functional partners along the way.
Hillary Benzell |
Inside Figma: a Q&A with our global sales team
We sit down with a few Figmates to learn what it’s like to be a member of our global sales team.
Beez Africa |
Collaborating and connecting in FigJam
Last week, we launched a timer in FigJam, allowing you to stop, start, and pause—together. Take a look at some activities we facilitate with teams across Figma, and how you can get started.
Emily Lin |
Inside Figma: how our PM team uses FigJam
Product Manager Emily Lin shares how Figma’s PM team uses FigJam for everything from brainstorms to retrospectives.
Clancy Slack |
Pride 2021: Getting back out there
Clancy Slack, Data Scientist and lead of the Pride Employee Resource Group at Figma, reflects on Pride month. Learn how we’re celebrating at Figma, and participate by creating a Pride poster in Figma.
Hillary Benzell |
Inside Maker Week: more than a hackathon
Starting today, it's Maker Week at Figma. Learn more about this Figma tradition, take a look back at our favorite moments, and stay tuned for more to come throughout the week.
Ben Stern |
Behind the feature: building multi-account
Today we’re launching an account switcher, allowing you to easily toggle between different workspaces in Figma. Product Manager Ben Stern shares what it took to build and ship a (seemingly) simple user request.
Emily Zhong |
Behind the feature: comments, contextually
Engineer Emily Zhong shares insight into how we introduced commenting on files in the Figma Community: interactions, edge cases, and a new paradigm for sharing and connecting.
Alia Fite |
Inside Figma: tips from the team that builds Figma
In a recent livestream, Figmates across teams shared their favorite tips for using Figma, including keyboard shortcuts and templates for every skill level.
Rudi Chen |
Inside Figma: a case study on strict null checks
A look at how we identify and address bugs in a systematic way, through the lens of a recent sprint.
Willy Wu |
Behind the feature: the making of the new Auto Layout
Today, we’re releasing the latest version of Auto Layout. In this deep-dive, we share a look into the evolution of Auto Layout, how we made tradeoffs between flexibility and usability, and what it took to bring our stretch goals to life.
Rudi Chen |
Behind the feature: the hidden challenges of autosave
We recently expanded our autosave system so you can work in Figma without worrying about losing changes. Rudi dives into the technical challenges and product decisions involved in bringing it to life.
Josh Shi |
Inside Figma: my time as a new grad
Josh, an engineer on the design system team, shares advice for new grads, based on his road to Figma.