Professional design tools made free for education

With an Education plan you can easily set up and manage virtual classrooms where you and your students can collaborate—for free.

How educators use Figma

Figma is a paradigm shift for your pedagogy. Guide students in shared virtual spaces, make lessons truly interactive, and close feedback gaps for better learning outcomes.

Organize and deliver course content

Use Figma’s Education plan to create teams that act as a central place for your syllabus, lecture notes, brainstorms, activities, and student work.

Facilitate engaging group activities

Collaborate synchronously with students in the same file. Teach while making things together, in the same virtual space.

Run interactive critiques and feedback sessions

Give in-context feedback directly on your students’ work. Have them share a link–no need to download large files.

Build community within your classroom

Use Figma’s collaborative tools to get to know your class and have them work and learn along with one another.

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What you get with Figma Education plan

Unlimited teams, create one for each course
Unlimited version history
Use FigJam to brainstorm and Figma to design
Share templates and asset libraries with students
Easily invite all of your students with a single link
Unlimited projects and files
Unlimited collaborators in teams
Works across operating systems
Access to community-created user groups and resources
Free as long as you teach

How others are using Figma in their classrooms

Innovative educators are facilitating better learning outcomes for students by using Figma and FigJam to teach design, collaborate in teams, and build community in the classroom.

Empowering collaboration in classrooms worldwide

Carnegie Mellon
DC Design University
Flatiron School
Portland State University
RIT Art & Design
Shift Nudge
Stanford University
UC Berkeley

Get started with design templates from other educators like you

University syllabus template in FigJam

Use FigJam to build out a scannable course syllabus for your students.

Explore templates for educators

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Education plan FAQs

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