Miro is an online whiteboard. FigJam is your team’s favorite place to hang out.

See why organizations are moving to FigJam to connect, ideate, and work together.

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FigJam vs Miro
Why switch from Miro to FigJam? 

Easily customizable to your team

With plugins, widgets, embeds, and more, you can customize your FigJam whiteboard with all the new features you need.

Fun and easy for everyone

Keep meetings engaging and interactive with features like audio, emotes, reactions, cursor chat, stamps, and more.

Simple, scalable pricing

At $0-$5 per FigJam editor, it’s easy to bring your entire organization onto one online whiteboard platform.
When brainstorming in FigJam, everyone is empowered to be more involved. Ideas now come in different forms—from sketching, wireframing, system designing, cluster analysis, and more.
Cody Cai, Product Designer at Twitch

Does FigJam have templates like Miro?

The Figma Community is filled with templates and resources created by expert designers, product managers, researchers, and more. You can get started quickly by browsing through the Community or adding a template right into your FigJam whiteboard.

Does FigJam have integrations like Miro?

FigJam has an open platform with a growing ecosystem of plugins, widgets, and embeds built by product teams like you. So, you’ll be able to do anything in FigJam and tailor it to your team’s needs.

FigJam adds a whole new level of end-to-end collaboration—from brainstorming, research workshops, to design jams.
Matt Hryhorsky, UX Manager at Shopify

Does FigJam offer day passes for guests?

Yes, FigJam has a feature called open sessions. All you need to do is start an open session and share the link. You’ll be able to jam together with your collaborators for free for 24 hours—without needing an account.

Do I have to pay for FigJam if I’m a Figma editor?

Every Figma editor seat gets unlimited personal whiteboards. If you need unlimited collaborative whiteboards, you’ll need a paid FigJam plan (starting at $3). FigJam is the only whiteboard integrated with Figma, meaning you can brainstorm, turn ideas into real designs, and build prototypes faster.