Inclusive collaboration from start to finish

Figma is an end-to-end design platform, here to help teams understand problems, explore options, and build solutions—together.

Kick off as a team

Jot down ideas, map user journeys, and dream bigger together using our online whiteboard. FigJam is where designers, product managers, developers, and everyone in between:

  • Align early. Throw ideas against the board and see what sticks.
  • Iterate on ideas. Go from idea to design to prototype—all in one place.
  • Converge on decisions. Synthesize ideas into clear action items.

Make design multiplayer

Turn explorations into real designs and prototypes, together, in our collaborative design platform. Teams that create in Figma:

  • Work in sync. Co-edit on designs and prototypes without stepping on toes.
  • Chat live. Talk through design challenges with audio or cursor chat.
  • Give feedback in context. Leave comments in files and prototypes for fast feedback loops.

Explore and iterate

Make continuous improvements while protecting your production-ready files and design systems from unapproved updates. With branching, teams collaborating at scale:

  • Maintain a source of truth. Separate work-in-progress from production-ready designs.
  • Contribute freely. Explore ideas without fear of impacting existing work.
  • Create a structure for iteration. Set up a review and approval system to track decisions.

Test experiences

Get a feel for designs with live prototypes that put user experience to the test. Before moving to production, design teams that prototype early and often:

  • Uncover opportunities. Get a feel for things you don’t see in a frame.
  • Collect better feedback. Present designs and flows in context.
  • Get buy-in. Show stakeholders something they can imagine.

Pair with developers

Welcome developers into Figma—for free—at the start of the design process and minimize surprises during handoff. Designers and developers who work in sync:

  • Mirror code and design. Create a design system that mirrors code components.
  • Build custom tools. Automate work with custom plugins built for how you work.
  • Make handoff easy. Grab snippets of generated code and easily export assets.
With Figma, the process is way more organic. Everybody is helping you move forward rather than being one team versus the other.
Mudit Mittal, Principal designer at Airbnb